We Hold your Hand

Better Care from the Start

From the moment you contact Anchor Health, you feel it. Our exceptional Intake team will help you determine the requirements and develop an enrollment plan that will cover your homecare needs without out-of-pocket costs.  

What truly sets Anchor's intake apart is our complimentary home visit and interview. Our coordinators come down to learn about your family's needs, preferences and goals, familiarizing everyone with what to expect before start of services.


Medicaid Coverage

Medicaid Managed Care

Medicaid Managed Care plans cover, in addition to home care services, a comprehensive range of health care services. We will consult with your doctors and healthcare providers before enrolling with a MMC plan.


MLTC (Managed Long Term Care) is a Medicaid program designed to deliver long-term services to those who are elderly, chronically ill, or disabled, but want to stay in their homes. At Anchor Health, we will help you choose the right plan for your long-term needs.


 Medicaid FFS (Fee-For-Service) provides home health care through certain waiver programs including NHTS and TBI. FFS may cover long-term care for those eligible for the Traumatic Brain Injury or Nursing Home Transition and Diversion Waiver programs. 

Non-Medicaid Coverage

Private Pay

For clients wishing to pay out-of-pocket, Anchor Health will create a Plan of Care that will include Geriatric Care Management, Skilled services as well as paraprofessional services. We will customize your plan and payment option according to your needs

Long Term Care Insurance

 If you’re enrolled in a Long Term Care plan through your private insurance company, Anchor Health is able to provide the care you need. We’ll work with your insurance company to develop a care plan. 

We will work with your insurance carrier, so to eliminate the need for any out-of-pocket costs to your family.

Workers' Compensation

 For those eligible for or currently receiving workers’ compensation insurance benefits, Anchor Health works with your insurance payer and care team to provide the home care services for which you are eligible.